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Dusseldorf’s exclusive merger of an online lifestyle magazine and an advertising rostrum for local an international companies


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Be innovative, be courageous and be cosmopolitan – this is the motto of the new web portal:

With a new design and all the exciting news from the world of luxury & lifestyle this new web portal lays focus on the famous state capital and metropolis of the Rhine River – Dusseldorf! ist the first online lifestyle magazine in Dusseldorf, that combines entertainment, information, regional and international advertising into an exclusive online portal. From the big players and the hottest newcomers to the insiders’ tip regarding art, culture, fashion, gastronomy, professional services, retail sale, tourism und many other branches and professions that define the character of Dusseldorf, this is where you find them all.

For many years Dusseldorf has been the supraregional hot spot for fashion, shopping and luxury lifestyle. As one of the first presents itself as a cosmopolitan online magazine aiming to present the Dusseldorf way of life and all its magnificent facets to the world wide web and at the same time create an international information pool for prospective clients und customers around the world.

The new website shows six overriding columns:

-         “Home” – the main page that shows the website’s selected highlights

-         “Aktuelles” meaning ‘prevailing’ or ‘up-to-date’ input that shows the newest innovations and exclusive offers from business partners

-         the local and the international column (“Dusseldorf” and “International”) with editorial input and advertisement

-         “Branchenvideos” – a column with enlisted short ad-videos where local companies present their services and products in a short video of 2-3 minutes

-         a column for viewing the recently edited print magazines of “Kö Magazin”

Regarding the local column “Dusseldorf” presents informative und entertaining articles pertaining to all the issues that define Dusseldorf and around in terms of business and lifestyle. Special focus is layed on subjects such as fashion, art, shopping & retail, restaurants & bars and tourist attractions. Furthermore this column is also a platform used by local businesses in order to attract attention via advertisement or editorial articles.

The column “International” takes this concept to an international level.


In summary this one of a kind web portal offers anyone who is interested in online advertising a chance to effectively present their business or their product to more than 20.000 viewers per month (with tendency to rise) using online banner ads, links, editorial articels or advertisement videos.

Right now somewhere out there in Dusseldorf or the world of luxury lifestyle new and exciting things are happening and on the rise and we looking forward to informing you about them on ''.


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